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of the country's largest linguistic and cultural groups, numbering an estimated 14 million. Sci-TechTheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov(Part3of4 Computer/IT/Mobile Tech: Gecko, Street View Trekker, Param Yuva, EMF Radiation. 33 Low German edit From about 1200 to 1600, Middle Low German was the language of the Hanseatic League which was present in most Northern European seaports, even London. Important Dates for are posted! In the early 20th century, vernacular written Chinese replaced Classical Chinese within China as both the written and spoken lingua franca for speakers of different Chinese dialects, and because of the falling power and cultural influence of China in East Asia, English has since replaced. Manding languages have long been used in regional commerce, so much so that the word for trader, jula, was applied to the language currently known by the same name. For example, a Hungarian from Vojvodina and an Italian from Istria might use it as a shared second language. French is still a lingua franca in most Western and Central African countries and an official language of many, a remnant of French and Belgian colonialism.

Mandragora essay writing an opinion essay introduction debating the civil rights movement essay 30 and 60fps comparison essay university of manchester dissertation rosie reid s essay he knew us before we were born 5000c essay environmentalism essay manchild in the promised land essay essay. Swahili edit Swahili, known as Kiswahili to its speakers, is used throughout large parts of East Africa and the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo as a lingua franca, despite being the mother tongue of a relatively small ethnic group on the East African coast. Hebrew edit Throughout the centuries of Jewish exile, Hebrew has served the Jewish people as a lingua franca; allowing Jews from different areas of the world to communicate effectively with one another. When English or French ships came to compete with the Portuguese, the crews tried to learn this "broken Portuguese". Spanish edit With the growth of the Spanish Empire, Spanish became established in the Americas, as well as in parts of Africa, Asia and Oceania. 29 See also: The Universality of the French Language German edit German served as a lingua franca in large portions of Europe for centuries, mainly the Holy Roman Empire outside of the sphere of influence of the Hanseatic League, which used Low German.

Thank you for your interest in Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (tjhsst). Public Health nppa, Drug Price control, Sravan Implant, Cigarette packing rules update. However, the number of speakers within the widely dispersed Orthodox (mainly Hasidic ) communities is now increasing. Revision Chemistry Part-1: Matter, Mass, Isotopes, Isobars, X-Ray, Alpha-Ray, Gamma-Ray, essay on raksha bandhan written in hindi Cathode-Ray More. Tjhsst Admissions accepts a very limited number of students for its junior (11th grade) class each year. About diwali festival essay eclecta research paper? Since the end of apartheid, English has been widely adopted as the sole lingua franca. Windhoek and throughout most of central and southern Namibia. Tupi as a lingua franca, and as recorded in colonial books, was in fact a creation of the Portuguese, who assembled it from the similarities between the coastal indigenous TupiGuarani languages. S Annual Report summary(Part3 of 4 SC/ST welfare, Women, HRD, States Cooperation, PPP collaborations. 582 John Andrew Boyle, some thoughts ON THE sources FOR THE IL-khanid period OF persian history, in Iran: Journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies, British Institute of Persian Studies, vol. Arabic loanwords are found in many languages, including English, Persian, Turkish, Hindustani, Somali, Spanish, Portuguese and Swahili.

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