vat in ethiopia research paper

five crater lakes. Therefore, these analyses are interpreted based an 20 respondents of the survey as follows Table.1 Gender distribution respondents No Description N o of respondents Percentage 1 Sex Male 14 70 Female 6 30 Total 20 100 Source, survey Result, 2012 As indicate in the. For the administrator give a way it would raise the employees awareness towards VAT and show them the role they have to play. The concept of VAT was propounded first by American experts by 1920s. Since 1993 the Ethiopia government has made major economic shift from central planning to market oriented economic system (Yohanes and Sisay, 2009,.

Policy shift involves the new tax regime namely Income Tax and the Value-Added Tax (.
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Research Paper on VAT, value Added Tax, tax Refund

vat in ethiopia research paper

This makes VAT regressive tax system. Table.4 year of service in the bureaus and year of experience of employee No Description N o of respondents Percentage. According to the VAT proclamation, articles 45-47 administrative penalties are imposed while persons are not registered for VAT where registration is required, when any registered person issued incorrect tax invoices, where invoices are issued without being registered, where there is underpayment and late filing. Yes NO If you answer is yes Because Since As compare to at hours. It avoids cascading effect of tax (tax on tax) VAT works on the principle of that when the raw material passes through various manufacturing stages and manufactured products through various distribution stages, tax should be levied on the incremental value at each stage and not. College OF business AND economics, jimma university, mAY, 2012. 6.2 Tax Payers Identification and Automation. Any government body 2. The administration of VAT includes organizational structure, staffing and training, Tax Payers Identification and Automation, invoicing and book keeping Requirements, controlling of filing and payment, Audit of VAT, Refunds management, penalties and cost of administration all these activities are pertain to how applies and affects. The federal democratic republic of Ethiopia (fdre) has adopted VAT in to be a tax system in 2003. The VAT proclamation no 285(2002) has been ratified by the house of people representatives six months before VAT implementation. A primary data were collected through questionnaires and unstructured interview and a secondary data from secondary sources like internet and other relevant material.

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