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Stone and English (1998) found that blue surroundings can induce depression. After the lecture the Profile Mood of status (poms) will be used to evaluate the participants emotional status in the room. (1997) believed that one explanation to this is the Yerkes Dodson principle. He found that blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rate decreased the most with the color black, moderately with blue, and minimally with green.

2 / 386 Color Therapy Color Therapy was first discovered thousands of years ago in the ancient cultures of China, Egypt, and India. Ten inpatients from a veterans hospital were studied in an open clinical trial. .  The author of the article is Paula Ford-Martin, a freelance corporate writer, who has BA in communications, from Marquette University and a MA from Depaul University. .

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These test will be taken and scored and each room will be given approximately the same amount of high and low screeners on the testing day. You are able to control the progress of your writing assigment. This principle proposes that arousal and performance go up together until a point. Results for the white room were not listed for high or low screeners in performance. These spots vary widely from spider to spider, making them of interest to scientists who have hypothesized that the different spots provide camouflage against birds and other predators. The Color Blind Shopper, carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Rutgers University, Camden, gender Differences.