essay on rhino poaching in south africa

like to see your holiday photos. The rhino has become one of the most endangered animal species. I realised that I stood in the presence of something ancient and magnificent. But ultimately, the exhibition and launch are all about trying to sell books because thats how we raise funds to put into projects. Learn more about big cats Want to hear more from the people working with big cats? I was moved to tears by it more than once. Writing my story was a way of coming to terms with who I am or who I think. Fortunately, Im lucky enough to encounter lots of incredible conservationists proving that their work is making a positive impact on troubled species. Books and prints will be on sale to support Born Free Foundations rhino-protection work. Career highlight: I think it was one of the first rescues I had done. After sharing the build-up to success countlessly on social media, I was very happy when it became a success. Rhino by George Logan Later in the film, John acknowledges that he has a protected stockpile of horns worth at least 16 million.

Africas wildlife is under serious threat from poaching. Gavin explained that the below clip showing the worlds deadliest cat (with a kill rate of 60) has been viewed more 58 million times! The poaching epidemic is testing strong spirits today.

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A somewhat shocking revelation from this talk was that females have been observed eating the remains of their own cubs following episodes of infanticide where males who have newly taken over a pride kill the existing cubs to bring the females to heat sooner. My own collection of Scotts early books Like many people, it was Big Cat Diary that first switched me on to the work of Jonathan Scott, and I subsequently began buying the BBC books that accompanied the programmes originally co-authored with Brian Jackman, then later. When the most powerful nation in the world this year created a 17-agency task force, co-chaired by its Departments of State, Justice and the Interior to address the global problem of illegal trade in wildlife products, I would advise people who consider this. A great takeaway from this talk was hearing about her projects to raise baby cheetahs and re-release them back into the wild. A few weeks after that launch I headed out to Africa with my friend, actor Dan Richardson who had kindly agreed to become an ambassador for us to have a look at some of the projects wed supported in Meru in Kenya. Sometimes I wonder just how far the traumatic ripple effect of criminal syndicates would stretch if you could measure it: past the trembling hands of a vet perhaps, to a quiet prayer by a game guard who earns little, but has to risk his life. She is quiet, and shy and retiring so photography gave her a voice, a way to express herself. Around the fire one night, they shared a story of how they witnessed elephants mourning their dead, much like humans. More than 1,000 wildlife rangers have been murdered in the last 10 years. It is put forward by the films makers with almost no risk analysis, no alternative vision and no understanding of what would happen to the worlds 30,000 remaining wild rhino if his dream came true. Geographical Magazine publishes images from Sacred Nature Purchase these incredible books here. Also that belief in the medical value of rhino horn has been around for millions of years.