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me high. Historical documents have to be evaluated by the student, and often parts are judged to be unauthentic and hence of little or no value. To make Iago the sole cause of the tragedy that befell Othello is to seek outside the human heart for the causes of human failure. I find I can bring to bear, for example, a range of relevant experimental facts which appear to be mutually inconsistent. Incidentally, I find that reasonably good insights can be remembered the next day, but only if some effort has been made to set them down another way. The cannabis experience has greatly improved my appreciation for art, a subject which I had never much appreciated before. I have mentioned that in the cannabis experience there is a part of your mind that remains a dispassionate observer, who is able to take you down in a hurry if need. The understanding of the intent of the artist which I can achieve when high sometimes carries over to when Im down.

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I find that most of the insights I achieve when high are into social issues, an area of creative scholarship very different from the one I am generally known for. Here he is evidently thinking of the tawny Moor.". Choose us as your academic helper, and you will come back again and again. This stuff is real! In Shakespeare, as in the Bible, the misfortunes that are objective in their source are never moral in character. I test whether Im high by closing my eyes and looking for the flashes. A sense of what the world is really like can be maddening; cannabis has brought me some feelings for what it is like to be crazy, and how we use that word crazy to avoid thinking about things that are too painful for. Some of the hardest work Ive ever done has been to put such insights down on tape or in writing. This account was written in 1969 for publication in Marihuana Reconsidered (1971). Tit., Atlantic Monthly, February, 1910,.