essay on proverbs 31

runs through the whole web of all her duties. She gets up in the morning and gets things done. ( Christian Treasury.) She layeth her hands to the spindle.- Homely attainments There is a trite but apposite moral in the anecdote told of James I on having a girl presented to him who was represented as an English prodigy because she was deeply learned. Give thanks to God for them. It comes from her husband, from her children, and even from her God. Somebody has said, She who rocks the cradle rules the world! The light of the sun does not make noise enough to disturb an insects sleep, but it can waken a whole world to duty. Some think in the phrase ready to perish there is an allusion to the practice of administering a potion of strong mixed wine to criminals, for the purpose of deadening their sensibility to suffering. She has appreciative children.

The word virtuous refers not so much to purity as to adaptation to the place where God has put her. Are they humble hands? Cite This Source, bACK, nEXT, just Ask Mom, this chapter begins with an oracle that King Lemuel (possibly some otherwise unknown non-Israelite king) learned from his mother. The virtuous woman is virile without being masculine. She knows how to use her strengths to her best advantage, and she fully realizes how valuable her efforts are. Keep the home life bright for him.

The importance of true religion as how to make a research paper citation the crowning grace of womanhood cannot be over-estimated. The advocates of celibacy appeal to the example of Christ and to the express words. Beauty refers to the countenance. Ill habits gather by obscure degrees. Principles are the piles of life. Oh, that young men would look for piety in their wives!