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walk-up apartment on the top floor of a dismal building. Hence, The Street is also concerned with different aspects of urban life. Boots owes Junto for getting him out of the military draft. Lutie experiences racism in the novel, and also discrimination and sexism. However, Roosevelt eventually yielded to the southern Democrats will, and enforced racial segregation in the army. The Sixties: Years of Hope Days of Rage. Unable to turn to her alcoholic father for support, Lutie has had to do the best she can for herself and her son Bub. At the same time, Junto tells Boots about his plans for Lutie and makes him promise not to pursue her.

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Incidentally, The Street was the first Afro-American novel to sell over a million copies. That moment when you can read something or see something, and it makes you remember; that just when you think that you have it bad, it always someone who has it even worst. Junto has come a long way since them. Native Son, Wright said that, unlike his preceding book which even bankers daughters could read and feel good about, he will make sure that no one would weep over this book; that it would be so hard and deep that they would have to face. As the historian our garden essay Todd Gitlin observes, if the mind of Moloch, the false god, was pure machinery, and its soul electricity and banks, then the right action was to unplug (46).

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