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the recipient. Commentary on the Ad-Hoc UCE working group's FTC report. 2011 ieee Symposium on Security and Privacy : 431446. The incident was commonly termed the " Green Card spam after the subject line of the postings. Spam in email started to become a problem when the Internet was opened up to the general public in the mid-1990s. As the waitress recites the Spam-filled menu, a chorus of Viking patrons drowns out all conversations with a song repeating "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam Spammity Spam! It later came to be used on Usenet to mean excessive multiple posting the repeated posting of the same message. Citation needed In the 1980s the term was adopted to describe certain abusive users who frequented BBSs and MUDs, who would repeat "Spam" a huge number of times to scroll other users' text off the screen. Other proposed solutions try to impose direct costs on e-mail senders.

71 In January 2007, a Sheriff Court in Scotland awarded. Add to this the billions of other pieces of unwanted mail that Americans receive, and you have a major contributor to the nations environmental problems. There are the direct costs, as well as the indirect costs borne by the victimsboth those related to the spamming itself, and to other crimes that usually accompany it, such as financial theft, identity theft, data and intellectual property theft, virus and other malware infection. Schaffer, 41, of Paradise Valley, Arizona, was sentenced to 63 months. This can be especially irritating to customers not only for the inconvenience, but also because of the fee they may be charged per text message received in some markets. The couple wrote a controversial book entitled How to Make a Fortune on the Information Superhighway.