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by cocosugar and plain coconut toddy, respectively. The experiment was conducted in the village of Pattapang, District High Muzzle, Gowa. Ikyule Abstract: We present a brief overview on Intuitionistic fuzzy sets which cuts across some definitions, operations, algebra, modal operators and normalization on Intuitionistic fuzzy set. One of the effects of cold arid conditions is the reduction in seed germination, seedling establishment (survival) and seedling growth but research reveals that pretreatment with growth regulators improves some aspects of seed germination and seedling establishment. This revealed that the agricultural lime is non-toxic to the juvenile brackish river prawns and also showed that it is safe for use in prawn culture as source of calcium for proper growth and development. E-learning systems generally need several hardware and software resources. In this problem, given a set of points in the plane of total size n and a geometric shape, covering the points with the geometric shape with minimum perimeter or area is the goal. Their solutions are close to optimal solutions, but they are not necessarily optimal. These physical characteristics make the lepidolites suitable for use in various industrial areas where lithium compounds are employed. Abstract: Mistletoe of the genus Tapinanthus(Loranthaceae) is a stem hemiparasite causing damage on citruses and guava trees in central Sudan. One way to avoid the resonance is to shift the system natural frequencies away from the machine operating range.

Age : The Science of, paper versus Screens. E-readers and tablets are becoming more popular as such technologies improve, but research suggests that reading on paper still boasts unique advantages. As the highest-ranked open access journal in its field, Genome Biology publishes outstanding research that advances the fields of biology and biomedicine from a genomic and post-genomic perspective.

This research work focuses on Nigeria electricity demand forecast from towards vision 2025 using Time Series Analysis on past load demand. How good it would be if all these compilers are installed centrally and could be accessed using various mediums, from these evolved an idea of hybrid compiler which is described data vetting research paper in these paper, hybrid compiler in the sense describes the idea of integrating the compiler. Also the rate of increase in enzymatic activity, depend mainly on genotype and age of the plant. Federal government with a ".GOV" domain name, or a resident of nearly any developing country or transition economy. Feed-forward networks have proven to be valuable tools for data analysis (classification of events, particle identification, function approximation, pattern recognition). We report the case of a complex fracture-dislocation of the upper end of the humerus treated with a humeral prosthesis. Hence to investigate the effect of pretreatment with Gibberellic acid on the seed germination and survival of apple seedlings as well as to standardize the technique under cold arid conditions, the experiment was conducted in Horticulture research field of High Mountain Agriculture Research Institute Leh. S til, A til, N til,.Dhongde, B ade Abstract: In this modern age in which we are living, digital images play a vital role in many application areas like social networking websites, for example, Facebook. The pigment was extracted using diethyl ether and subjected to preparative hplc for purification. As a result final assembly of the engine meets the objective. The results of this study showed that the average carbon stock in 6 plots of the study was 130.9908333 t C /ha for above-ground biomass (AGB) and.78283179 t C /ha for below-ground biomass (BGB). This paper therefore attempts to analyze the performance of coconut coir pad as a media in direct evaporative coolers.

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