internet addiction essays

McClean Hospital in Boston,?The single greatest factor in becoming an addict is boredom.??They? Macklins point is that people have become so dependent Internet that is has strongly effected everyday life. If you haven't, please realize that you are wasting your days as a high school student, which are pivotal for your future - college, a job, and family. You sleep less than five hours a night so you can spend more time on-line. You should never make plans to meet someone in real life that you meet online. Relationships online become more important that those with real life friends and family to some people.

internet addiction essays

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There are some safety guidelines for using the internet. Research Papers 1645 words (4.7 pages) - Why do people get addicted to games online and how can we help essay comparing realism and liberalism them to control their time on internet. By stating this Goldwasser demonstrates how dependent teens have become on the Internet. The problem is that recent studies have shown that the Internet may not only be addicting because it is enjoyable, but that a fairly large number of users are experiencing addiction of a clinical form.4 Identifying which category of addiction the Internet falls into. Once you're addicted to a single thing, whether it may be alcohol or a video game, you've lost yourself completely.

Over the past two years, two major clinics have also been established to treat this addiction. A number of people say that the Internet is like traveling.

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