conscience is the voice of god discuss essay

it is acquired. This can be seen in a statement that is attributed to him, 'I toast the Pope, but I toast conscience first' In opposition to these three scholars there are those who argue that the Conscience does not come directly from God. His belief was that people try to do good and avoid evil, called the Synderesis rule. E.g many killers have bad role models less developed conscience. Similar Ethics resources: See all Ethics resources see all The conscience resources ยป. Aquinas said that conscience, when correctly applied, will lead us to discover the natural moral law within human nature.

Conscience does not invent truth but detects truth and reveals the essay sleep on post divine laws. Evaluation: what about those who feel minimal guilt? This is the belief that either at conception God gave each person a conscience or that it is imparted to us at some stage to enable us to discern morally correct and incorrect actions. Aquinas would argue that wrong doers using wrong reason but Newman criticism still stands. Extracts from this document. Evaluation: strong bc supported by empirical evidence - child knows when they have done wrong. Home A Level and IB Ethics Assess the view that the conscience is not the voice of God, but is learned (35).

Critically Assess the Claim That Conscience is the Voice of Reason
Critically assess the view that the conscience is the voice of God