essay tv violence

in television is rampant. In fact the television is often used as a baby-sitter, so that show more content, the violence in the show has led New Zealand and two of the major networks in Canada to ban the program from their daily schedules. Although the article seems to be directed at mc gill biotechnology thesis masters programs the masses, it is very likely that the writer intends to raise awareness in parents reading this article. According the Centerwall (1992 the average child aged 2-5 in 1990 watched 27 hours of television per day, or almost 4 hours per day. It may possibly be an exhilarating or an extremely exasperating experience. On the other hand, it is possible to argue that people should be reasonable and rational in the perception of the information which they receive from mass media, including television. Some parents can do all these things and still keep a close watch on their children, but others cannot. However, arguments of opponents of the belief that television violence cannot have a negative impact on society are inconsistent because they apparently underestimate the depth of the impact of television on the audience (Lawson Stowell, 2009).

Instead, they behave in the rational way and respect social norms, while the violence on television cannot change the existing social norms and values. In this essay I shall be discussing the positive and negative effects of violence on TV and ask if legislation is the way forward for. They often pretend to be their favorite character, reenact scenes from movies, and wear clothes featuring their media heroes. There have been repeated debates on how to protect children from the harmful effects of violence on television. It is possible for children to be pulled into the televisions realistic world of violence with sometimes devastating results.

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