texting vs face to face communication essay

and interaction. In contrast to the accepted belief that social networking is time consuming and in no way helpful to school, it has been proven that in some cases it can be beneficial. With the prominent rise of social networking, long distance communication is easier than ever. This is called computer-mediated communication and has become a major part of our lives. Through social media it has become effortless to communicate with friends and family all around the world in the matter orwell critical essays of a few seconds. For example, when chatting or e-mailing someone you do not get the benefit of seeing their body language or hearing their tone of voice. With email and sites such as Facebook and Twitter it one can literally communicate with anyone who has an account which can be made effortlessly in the matter of a few minutes. With social websites, email, and Google docs, students can share and discuss their group projects and communicate without the major issue of getting together. Both vary by means of interaction, long distance communication and expressing physical emotion. Lastly, there is no doubt that a directing conversation seems a faster and better way to achieve reach the targeted goal listeners and receive response at once instantly without misunderstandings.

A closer look at the two sides of the matter should help shed light on a more concrete conclusion. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Networking. This prevents tedious travel and saves time and money. These labels often act as barriers to our communication.

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The meaning in person by face to face. There seems to be two clear-cut sides regarding the issue of effectiveness and quality of computer-mediated communication with some neutral meeting ground in between. Albeit social networking does facilitate face to face interaction and helps make face to face communication much easier. To sum up, different people might have different opinions on whether face-to-face communiocation is better than other types of communication. There are frequent misinterpretation of emotion thesis statement about paintings on social websites that usually spark major disputes and cyber bullying. Why is this important? I have a strong bias that the world has become too reliant on computers. I feel that people are better off communicating in person despite cost or convenience.