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use of tobacco are well researched and well documented. Action Plan If I came across this again I would hope that I know enough now to explain to a patient why they should think about not smoking whilst in recovery and also keeping it going long term so that they can benefit from. Health promotion advocates must also communicate the cost savings and health benefits garnered from workplace smoking cessation programs. The contents of the sessions included tobacco related health problems, benefits of quitting and coping strategies for withdrawal symptoms. Smoking and Mood Essay.potential causal relationship between smoking and mood fluctuation Introduction Subsequent research suggests that a well established relationship exists between smoking and mood fluctuation, particularly depression. (Tripp Davenport, 1989). Stillman (1995) found that smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, and smoking related diseases are involved in more than one third of all hospital admissions.

Also an understanding to rehabilitation in helping to quit or curb smoking and the community support groups to help support a person ND community and steps to rehabilitation. Also it has been shown that the surfacing of these depressive symptoms during cessation is linked with the likelihood of being able to successfully stop smoking (Hughes, 1992) and the likelihood of relapse (Shiffman 1982) As well as being a depressant, nicotine can produce feelings.

Smokers know many people, who are healthy, yet have smoked regularly for many years. Also, men are more likely than women to be former smokers (39. Essay about Compare and contrast relapse prevention strategies in recovery from smoking. Workplaces across the country are adopting smoke-free policies in order to provide clean air and to protect employees and the public alike from the harmful, if not life-threatening effects of smoking. Christen and Christen (1994) state that smoking has both similarities to and differences from other addictions. There was a smoking cessation nurse who would offer advice, tips, and plans to help to quit.