tourism essay conclusion

state the topic you have chosen. The term can also refer to the systematic study of way of thinking about 'how we ought to behave' and essay about american education system finding a rational way of 'how we ought to live'. (2009 Introduction: the evolution and contemporary positioning of tourism as a focus of study, in Jamal, T Kang,.J., Scott,., Lee,.J. Shackley (2001) continues to explain that the emotional welfare of the guides had not been considered and many of the guides felt obliged to continue with its employment due to lack of employment elsewhere. An example of this occurrence is shown in the site of Machu Picchu, a pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site, which s situated on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru. But only a few decades ago, only people from affluent countries used to indulge in this leisure. In many cases there is no clear definition of this tourism niche. Furthermore a case study will be conducted in order to have a closer look at the situation and the major problems occurring regarding ethical issues of dark tourism. Conclusion By understanding the ethicalities of dark tourism, it will help in preserving its history and sites, so that it can then be better managed and better preserved and presented for the future. (Stone, 2009a) All these sites and many more which are similar, are what are called sites for "dark" tourism according to main theorists John Lennon and Malcolm Foley, also known as Thanatourism (Seaton, 1996 - cited in Ryan et al, 2005) and 'Black Spots' (Rojek. Note: m is an outstanding custom writing company.

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We have over 500 academic writers from US, UK, Canada and Australia. To examine in depth both the consumers' and providers' point of views to further understand the ethical dilemma of dark tourism. For dark tourism, it has not been fully elaborated upon in this context since there present different problems in communicating the social responsibility of these types of heritage sites, such as: The esotericism in the scope of what is morally acceptable to various communities. (Eds The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism, Channel View Publications, Bristol,. In order of this research topic, the author found that many of the theories couldn't be backed up with primary data and with a suitable sample. To enhance the existing but very little evidence of the posed topic, secondary research was gathered. Besides this, secondary research still remained ideal for the dissertation as the quality of data obtained can be better than the quality of primary research, as information gained through secondary sources could have been obtained using better and more advanced resources. Select a popular tourist destination in a remote area say, a tropical forest or a heritage site. Also, with academic journals, there are many accurate topics and findings, however a fee is charged for many of them, some of which are only available to a certain group of people making them hard or even impossible to access, this could put a strain. (2011 The role of horror and dread in the sacred experience, Tourist Studies, Vol Rice,. This can be a form of manipulation as Carnegie (2006) states that some sites do research paper on banking industry intentionally move objects in order to interpret the displays to contain central, recognisable, emotional and generic truths to the local audiences. Moreover, as Stone (2009,a) states, the rights of those whose death is commoditised or commercialised through dark tourism represent an important ethical and moral dimension, which deserves depth consideration.

Tourism essay conclusion
tourism essay conclusion

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