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BJP and others have started taking active part in these elections and fielding their candidates, rather giving their party label to the candidates. Being immature and inexperienced about the demands of life they may put to a great loss in their life at a later stage after having lost valuable time as students. People between the age of 15 and 35 constitute youth. The government also seemed to have realised that it was important for Indias future to induct the youth in the democratic process at an early age. Religious INfluence in India. It also gave the message that our youth is mature and wise enough to understand their responsibility and they would give their mandate after carefully considering candidates capabilities. They are able to instil freshness in the political affairs of their respective region as well as the nation.

With an existence without unification how can India politically aspire to social change and reform? India Foreign Relations. Belonging to different generations, there is a possibility of generation gap, misunderstanding and even rejection of one age group of the other those who of the opinion that those among the youngsters who are students and at the threshold of some career will suffer immensely. Many idlers gather there and make various kinds of strategies and plans.

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If you are stuck with your research paper on India, and you are seeking help and professional research writing assistance try. Freedom of indian economy. By making the age of casting of vote as 18, the government brought crores of people within the ambit of active participation in elections thus giving a broad base to the democratic processes. After essay on raksha bandhan written in hindi all it is the youth who ultimately will become the stalwarts in politics and one day will hold the reins in their hands. Along with this Hinduism divides and distances the sub-continent. Their duty is to acquire knowledge, get education and seek some good career to become self-dependent and a support for their parents. However, in our country there is a cult of succession in politics. Social Movements in Modern India. The colleges and the universities become battlefields with rival groups of students attacking each other. India: Food Availability and Selection.

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