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other key products that improve beneficiaries' nutritional intake are High Energy Biscuits (HEBs) and Compressed Food Bars (CFBs). Aids has also taken its toll, particularly in sub-Saharan. If malnutrition is not taken care of, it can sometimes also result in death (Olivares et al 1999; Patterson et al 2000; Kopelman 2000; William et al 2003). There are over 16 million people malnourished in developed nations, as well (Worldhunger 1). Poverty affects everyone in the world, whether you are living in poverty or not you are affected because when you think of poverty you think of someone who is just lost and in need of help. Hunger is a global phenomenon and the factors contributing towards the expansion of this situation are countless, but one of the major factors is the lack of compassion on behalf of those who can help the poor. Children who don't have enough food often suffer from mental disabilities. The struggle for enough food has gone on for centuries. Hunger also weakens the immune system. Huge plantations of fertile land are bought by American coporations and instead of being used for agricultural purposes, the land is used to grow flowers for Valentine's Day.

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"Food is more than a trade commodity pleaded Sir John Boydorr in 1946. Iron deficiency is the most prevalent form of malnutrition worldwide, affecting millions of people. Strong Essays 1978 words (5.7 pages). Home fortification means that beneficiaries themselves sprinkle the powder onto food after they have cooked. That means one in nearly six people do not get enough food to be healthy and lead an active life. The world needs to realize that the current solution is not working and address the real issue before more lives are lost. Poverty is also what causes most of the problems in society today. Zinc deficiency contributes to growth failure and weakened immunity in young children. This is quite a surprise to know, that this problem is growing on a large scale in America as well, which claims to the most powerful democracy in the world. Their discovery found that one in four people are hungry in Africa. But these flowers are not grown here, they are grown in Mexico.

The mechanisms of protein energy malnutrition include decreased nutrient intake and absorption, direct nutrient losses and increased metabolic requirements (Manary Solomons, 2004). Protein energy malnutrition in children is based on underweight, stunting and wasting and the clinical syndromes of severe malnutrition are marasmus and kwashiorkor (Muller Krawinkel, 2005, Manary Solomons, 2004). Ask our professional writer!