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landscape becomes valuable navigational knowledge; pleasant interactions with a stranger become a supportive friendship; aimless physical play becomes exercise and physical excellence. For instance, she realized that Joy is an emotion thats often experienced while playing, and that it leads to approaching behavior. Broaden-and-build theory is notable for drawing explicit attention to the positive and showing that insights result when we do something more than simply look at the absence of the negative. Broaden-and-build provides a useful framework for organizations looking to create meaningful learning experiences for their employees. Myers and, diener put. Enhancing the Customer Connection Last but not least, an organization applying broaden-and-build tenets to their culture will most likely find that their customers will also benefit. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1000, 296-299. Thats the broadening part of the theory. Also, through play, kids build important physical, intellectual and social abilities. Why, after centuries, havent we lost the ability to experience positive emotions?

Does this mean there is no evolutionary reason for them? To the point, easy to read and print (9 page PDF). In essence, the aim should be to provide a customer experience that feels positive to the customer, and that the customer will, therefore, strive to repeat. In terms of broaden-and-build, there are several elements that have great relevance for todays leaders. Handbook of Cognition and Emotion (pp. Lets take a closer look. This raised some questions in Fredricksons mind, mainly How? Hiring inspirational leaders who set an example that others aspire to triggers employees intrinsic motivation and the desire to learn.

Read Free for 30 Days, cancel anytime. Mainly, they all have similar facial patterns, little or no autonomic response, and recalling is often undifferentiated (meaning, its hard for someone to remember if they felt joy, contentment, pride, etc.). If we know what savoring tactics are and how to apply them, we will be able to fully enjoy the happiness that life has to offer. New York: Free Press Shiota,. How do positive emotions contribute to happiness? Building Positive Leadership Skills Positive Leadership as a management philosophy becoming more and more widely spread.

Nhu Tran explains the concept of affective forecasting in her article and shows why we arent always the best judge on our own (future) emotions. But positive emotions dont emerge on menacing situations, they occur when were out of them. Assuming a leaders purpose is to inspire and motivate teams of employees to excel at achieving an organizations goals, broaden-and-build can provide a framework for leaders to provide guidance on how to build the emotional environment to achieve this goal successfully. Some of them have to do with a broadening effect on attention and a more global visual processing, some with a more creative cognitive processing, including making more connections and creating more inclusive categories. In Fredricksons 20rticles theres a review of different experiments that can be considered as empirical support for the broaden and build theory of positive emotions. Reza Zolfagharifard has listed al the theories of positive emotions, starting with these 4 basic theories: the dynamic theory the psychophysiological theory the neurological theory the evolutionary theory According to Nhu to savor is to maintain, and sometimes to build up our positive experiences. There are different points of view as to what is considered an emotion. This author realized that the positive emotions she studied shared a pattern, and it was different from the one that was elicited by negative emotions. Download the foundational piece of research on the broaden-and build theory here in PDF-format.