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: Unemployment or under employment are almost the same with a thin line difference like in case of underemployment, people have a source of earning in form of a job but the great debaters thesis statement not as per their qualification or education level. In our country many persons are unemployed. There is no lack of manpower, cheap, labor, raw materials and mineral resources in our country, but the misfortune is that they are not scientifically used for the benefit of common people.

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First step should be to revise the social system of our country. Long Essay on Unemployment, in this category, three essays are given with 400 and 600 words count and having detailed information about this burning issue of Unemployment in India. Everywhere in this world there is a constant struggle for an occupation. He is worried about his survival rather than morality. Education system: Ineffective and low quality education system providing theoretical knowledge prevents students to get practical and knowledgeable education which becomes the cause of unemployment in India. There is still some hope to remove unemployment from our country. To avoid the mental situation due to unemployment, people are haunted by bad habits of drugs and alcohol. Industrial units provide employment to both educated and uneducated people. Some time they are forced to commit suicide due to mental pressure. Solutions can be find out for handling this major problem of unemployment in India by doing some kind of efforts through government and the responsible citizens of India.

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