aviation safety research paper

deadly) The Human Contribution (A must read on Human Factors) and much more. Aviation, administration's (FAA) Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Program. Volume 8, Issue 37 FAA Seeks GA Survey Input (Please help and take part) Sleep Apnea and Airline Safety (Sleep descriptive essay football game Apnea is more common then you think) Study Explains Why the Circadian Rhythm Affects Health (Watch that Circadium Rhythm low) and much more. (They had warnings that were ignored) French Concorde Crash Manslaughter Trial to Begin in Feb. By John Goglia (Thanks John, this is wonderful article) and much more. Volume 8, Issue 43 - Five-Year-Old Implicated In Fatal Crash (Where was the proper cockpit discipline?) Maintenance flaw led to Air Tahiti ATR engine fire (Why did they not check for tightness?) Texting in the Tower - From nasas Aviation Safety Reporting Systems (Social Media. (Another preventable maintenance error) Man agrees to stay away from airplanes. research Explores the Human Side of Autonomous Driving (This is very interesting to read.) and much more, volume 14, Issue 14 - Achieving Extreme Professionalism In Aviation (Professionalism in our profession is so very important). Volume 4 Issue 11 Crossed wires cause accident.

(Not a good way to end ones career) NWA mechanics at fault in cowl incident. Volume 11, Issue college essay max 7 - FAAs Aviation MX Human Factors Quarterly Newsletter: March 2015, Vol 3, Issue 1 (Worth the read.) Unreliable humans are the last major problem of aviation security Very interesting!) FAA Needs to Focus On Maintenance Issues Raised by Mechanics (What are. (Our worst nightmare) BA Ground Workers Charged in A320 Hit-And -Run. Runway accidents linked to Human Error. (A bad repair can take many years to kill) Deprivation hurts Safety and more Volume 3 Issue 20 Loose fuel line causes power loss, (they just won't run without fuel - another maintenance error) Hole in fuselage, (another one but not an Aloha thank goodness).

Volume 8, Issue 34 The Potential for Greatness is Everywhere (This is so true; Greatness takes disapline, etc.) Young Drivers View Drowsy Driving as Understandable (Lack of Awareness of the dangers of Fatigue) Watch out for unhealthy responses to stress (Dealing with excess stress. (A miniature SwissAir?) BA 777 had low fuel pressure. (You should read this one) Big clue: Maintenance placard. Volume 10, Issue 24 - Cargo Pilots Say Fatigue Leading To Big Danger Below (Cargo pilots doen't have the same fatigue rules as passanger pilots - why?) Man Pleads Guilty To Fraud Over Helicopter Weights (Is this reckless behaviour? (Managing fatigue is too important to ignore) pressure (We never feel any pressure, do we? Diligence in Mundane things. (Murphy's Law) Safety is never an issue until there is an issue (They often find that Human Factors played a part!) much more. Volume 4 Issue 33 Cargo door opened in flight.

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